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Bellacouche Google Maps

How to claim your business and change your address on Google Maps

It’s very important to claim your business and verify it with Google – not doing so could potentially result in your business listing being ‘hijacked’ by a spammer or competitor, with disastrous results for your reputation.¬† At the very least, you could easily end up with wrong or misleading information being shown to your customers. […]

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How will your website get found?

You may have a beautiful new website, offering fantastic products and great service – but there are now nearly two billion websites and – as most people leave within 10 seconds* if the website is slow or doesn’t instantly show what they are looking for – many of them get very few visitors. So how […]

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SEO – It’s not just about keywords…

Google want to offer a great experience for anyone who uses their search engine, so your¬†whole website needs to work well. Here’s a quick check list for best practice: Aim for: At least 30 pages of interesting content. Clear, intuitive navigation. Clear descriptive titles and subtitles. Easy to scan. At least 300 words per page. […]

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WordPress SEO plug-in screen shot

Using the WordPress SEO plug-in

To help you with your Search Engine Optimisation, you can use a WordPress SEO plug-in by Yoast, with an easy to understand traffic light system. Write your content first – with human visitors in mind! Use the SEO plug-in ONLY as a guide – if there is a reason to ignore it, then do so. […]

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SEO keywords infographic

What are SEO Keywords? Infographic

Keywords are the words that people type in to search for information, using a search engine website – such as Google. If the word is not on the page – Google cannot find it… There are 3 main types of key-words or key-phrases – also known as search terms: Specific keywords: Brainstorm a list including […]

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Before you start making SEO changes

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite time consuming and there are never any guarantees – but it can also make the difference between being found by Google and the other search engines, and being invisible. SEO sometimes has had a bad press – being seen as a way of ‘tricking’ people or gaming the […]

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