FastStone batch photo resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is a free tool for resizing optimising and watermarking images in batches – all in one quick and easy process.

These instructions offer suggestions for sizes and settings that will usually work on most websites for full size images taken from your camera.

  • These options & settings will be retained for next time you visit – so they only need to be entered once.
  1. Go to FSResizerSetup33.exe
  2. Double click to install it on your PC
  3. Double click on the icon to open the programme.
  4. Drag and drop images to be processed into Input List (you can do many at a time)

To resize photos to 700 x 525 pixels:

  1. Set the Output folder: Choose the folder where you want to save the finished images – or you can create a new folder.
  2. Click on Settings: Set the ‘Quality‘ to ‘75‘ and the ‘Colour Subsampling‘ to ‘High‘ (Click OK)
  3. Click on Advanced Options:

On the Resize tab:

  • Resize = yes
  • Pixels = yes
  • New Width = 700
  • New Height = 525
  • Switch Width and Height to match long sides =yes
  • Preserve Aspect Ratio = yes
  • Smart-Cropping =yes
  • Click OK

Resizing image dimensions in pixels (physical size)


Optimising image file size

To add a watermark to photos:

Watermarks may be helpful in protecting the copyright of your photos. To preserve the quality of the images use a small semi-transparent watermark placed in a corner.

On the Watermark Tab:

  • Add Watermark = yes
  • Locate your Watermark image and enter the file path (Click on the small square icon to browse your folders.)
  • Opacity = 30%
  • x-y offset = -30 for both
  • Position = Bottom-Right
  • Background = yes
  • Click ‘OK‘ – you are now ready to quickly upload, optimise and watermark large batches of images.

Click the ‘Convert‘ button – and they’re done!

Quality Check:

  • Check through all the optimised photos for visual quality and correct cropping and placing of the Watermark.
  • Small or unusually shaped photos will need to be optimised individually (You could use Irfanview)
  • Check file sizes – any that look pixilated need to be a larger file size, and any that are over 100KB need to be smaller. (Between 20 & 50KB is ideal).

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