Free Image Editing Tools

Photos and other images need to be the right size before you upload them to your website. Photos straight from your camera will be too large and will cause problems.

How to optimise your images

Useful free image editing tools:

FastStone Photo Resizer: Watermark and resize in batches – Once you’ve set your requirements it’s all a very quick and easy process.

IrfanView: Easy to use free download with plug-in for optimising images for the web. Useful text/image watermarking tool. Download the ‘Save for the Web’ plug in.

Web Resizer: Very easy to use website, with great looking results.

Gimp: High quality image editing – works in a similar way to Photoshop.

Krita: Tools for digital painting – concept art, comic art and textures.

Pablo: Add text, crop and resize images for Social Media. Lots of free images to choose from – or use your own.

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