How to add a simple product to a WooCommerce shop

Instructions for adding products to a WooCommerce shop built using the WordPress Canvas theme.

You will need:

  • Product name – see Choosing the best product names.
  • Product description – short version and (optional) long version.
  • Photos – optimised to 570 px square (recommended) and under 100kb (under 50kb would be even better).
    • Add photos to the Media Library and add a Title and Alt tag.
  • Shipping Classes set up.

Press Add Product – there are several ways to do this:

  • From the tool bar along the top ( + New )
  • From the menu down the LHS
  • From the products list page.


Enter a Product name – Try to make the title between about 4 – 7 words long (about 25 – 35 characters) – so that it appears as 2 lines in the shop listing (for aesthetic reasons – other lengths will still work)


Product Description – long version (Optional):

  • Enter full descriptive content in the top editing box just under the title – this will appear as a tab at the bottom.
  • This can include text & optional extra images, video + links to useful information + testimonials etc.
  • Include search terms and phrases you hope to get found for.
  • Include relevant, useful information such as:
    • Dimensions/ Weight
    • Materials/ Ingredients/ Construction
    • Colour/ Texture
    • Place of origin or maker/ producer
    • Any useful or positive feature, benefit or attribute
    • Fair Trade/ Organic/ Hand made etc.
    • Directions for use/ Methods/ Ideas for ways to utilise this product
    • Product care/ Warnings



Product Short description

This is a short summary which appears at the top of the page, to the right of the product next to the photo:

The short description is entered in a box underneath the main edit box.
(This appears at the top of the page, data entry done at the lower editing window – not how you would expect…)



Product Data section:

  • Choose either:  Simple product (no variations)
  • Or Variable Product (see Variable products )

Simple Products:

  • General:

Add the Price in £s (Currency can be changed in Settings)


Enter the SKU number
(SKU stands for stock keeping number – an individual number for identifying each product)

  • Choose the Shipping class

shipping class

  • Remove the Reviews under “Advanced” (this can also be disabled sitewide in the Settings)

remove tabs

  • Go to ‘Tabs‘ and check ‘Override default tab layout’ to remove any tabs not required.

Product Categories:

  • Choose and check the appropriate categories (RHS sidebar menu)
  • A product can have more than one category.

product categories

  • Add the main photo to Product Image -> Set Product Image
  • Add further images to the Product Gallery -> Add product gallery images

add product images

And click ‘Publish‘ or ‘Update‘.

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