How to Add and Edit Text in WordPress

An easy to follow check-list to help you get started with adding content to a WordPress website – ideal for beginners or as a reminder.

Get Started with WordPress – Step by Step Instructions:

Log in to WordPress with your Username and Password:

WordPress Log In

This will open the Dashboard – which gives you managerial control:


Click on the name of your website, then use the menu to navigate to the page you want to edit (or Add a New Page.)

Click ‘Edit Page‘ in the tool bar at the top:


To Edit a page make sure you are in ‘Visual’ mode, not ‘Text’ (which shows HTML code)WordPress Edit in Visual Mode

Hover over the editor buttons to see their function. Most icons are very similar to using Microsoft word.

You can now copy and paste text directly from a Word document, into the edit box. (The ‘Paste from Word’ icon is no longer available or necessary.)

Just type or copy (highlight and Ctrl-C) and paste your text (Ctrl-V) into the page.

A useful feature is ‘Paste as text’. (Formatted text pasted directly from some sources, sometimes gives strange results because of unwanted code that has also been accidentally copied – using the Paste as text feature gets around this.)


When you press the ‘Paste as text’ button this dialogue box comes up:paste-as-text-dialogue-box

Click the ‘Paste as text’ icon again when you want to format your text.

When you have edited your WordPress page, you can check how it will look on the site, by Clicking ‘Preview Changes’.

Then, if you are happy with the page, save it by clicking the blue ‘Update’ button (‘Publish’ for a new page).
It will then appear ‘live’ on the website.

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