Create useful Product Titles with this simple tool

This Ebay Product Title Builder Tool is very useful – not just for Ebay but also for any item you’d like to sell from your website or anywhere on-line. It searches

Find the best product titles:

  • Put in 2 or 3 words describing what you want to sell.
  • Click the search icon.
  • The tool generates other popular search terms.
  • Pick out any relevant words.
  • Include as many as possible in the title – or put them in the description, to help your item to get found.
  • Aim for between 40 and 55 characters (including spaces).
  • If you are selling only in the UK, remember to click on ‘United Kingdom‘ in the drop down menu (Top LHS)

Don’t be put off by the crazy English used elsewhere in the website – the tool functions well!

E.g – Searching for ‘Nest box‘ to get ideas for a product currently described as: ‘Small Bird Nest Box‘ shows that:

Small Hanging Nest Box for wild Garden Birds – Wooden‘ would get found more often – especially if the description includes the words ‘Robin’, ‘traditional’, ‘nesting’,house‘ and ‘home‘. All of which are highly relevant and accurate descriptive words that people are searching for.
(‘New‘ is probably only useful on Ebay – where second hand items are also an option.)
You could also add links to other relevant products such as ‘Bird Feeder‘ and ‘Insect or Bug Hotel‘ (either offer your own or recommend one from another website.)
Changing the category might suggest even more words to use.



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