SEO – It’s not just about keywords…

Google want to offer a great experience for anyone who uses their search engine, so your whole website needs to work well. Here’s a quick check list for best practice:

Aim for:

  • At least 30 pages of interesting content.
  • Clear, intuitive navigation.
  • Clear descriptive titles and subtitles.
  • Easy to scan.
  • At least 300 words per page.
  • Up to date, proof read, consistent & tidy.
  • In text links to & from each page.
  • All links working (none broken).
  • Sitemaps (HTML for humans XML for Google).
  • Back links (links from other websites, including social media).
  • Have a useful 404 error page (Link not found).
  • One or more image per page.
  • Images load quickly.
  • Images properly optimised with descriptive alt tags.
  • Make a note of useful or interesting websites – what made you stay and read?


  • Duplicate content.
  • Content that’s not relevant to the page or the rest of the website.
  • Keyword stuffing (adding in too many/ not relevant, search terms).
  • Low quality pages with a lack of real content.
  • Generic links (‘Click Here’) and titles (‘Profile’/ ‘What we do’).
  • Images with no alt tag – Google cannot ‘see’ photos and relies on the nearest text.
  • Make a note of anything that has annoyed you on other websites – what made you click away?

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