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05-08-2015 17-34-28

How to add slides

Here’s a nice example of a slider: (Used in Canvas – WordPress Woo Themes.) The slides give an instant feel for the lovely location while allowing room for essential information for newcomers below. How to create slides: You will need about 4 or 5 photos that can be cropped to a narrow rectangle. Optimise your photos: […]

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Customising a WordPress website

How customisable is WordPress? WordPress offers an ‘off the shelf’ website – with lots of functions and is highly customisable. However it is not ‘infinitely customisable’ – there are limitations, due to working within a pre-defined framework, but it also has a lot of advantages. Broadly there are 3 levels of customisation (this is a […]

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What is WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is one of the most popular, user-friendly ways of building a website. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) with powerful capabilities. What does that mean? A Content Management System is a user-friendly means of managing all of the content you want to include in your website – images,  text, video, links, social media, etc. All  […]

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