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Image editing with Irfanview

Editing photos for a WordPress website using Irfanview Why do I need to edit my images? Irfanview is deservedly popular image editing software that enables you to easily crop, resize, add text or a watermark to your image, and optimise the file size for the web. And it’s free*! Download and install Irfanview for free* from: Irfanview […]

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Subheadings – Style guide

Subheadings: Suggested guidelines It’s important that subheadings are consistent so that the website is easy on the eye (and brain!). Important! Subheadings must describe the contents of the section below Use specific descriptive words to accurately describe the content of the paragraph or section beneath – not general words that could be about anything . […]

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FastStone batch photo resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is a free tool for resizing optimising and watermarking images in batches – all in one quick and easy process. These instructions offer suggestions for sizes and settings that will usually work on most websites for full size images taken from your camera. These options & settings will be retained for next […]

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Numbers – Style guide

This is the best practice and recommended style guide for numbers on your website: Use numerals, instead of spelling out the number as a word: 7 as opposed to seven Writing out the numbers 1-10, is a rule from writing for print Use commas every 3 digits (per thousand) in large numbers: 1,000 / 100,000 […]

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How to add text links in WordPress

Step by step instructions for creating hyperlinks: Quick check-list for adding in-text links in the body of a page (or post) in a WordPress website: High-light the text you want to make into a link: Click the ‘Link’ icon in the edit tool bar: Copy and paste the URL (link address) of the page you […]

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How to Add and Edit Text in WordPress

An easy to follow check-list to help you get started with adding content to a WordPress website – ideal for beginners or as a reminder. Get Started with WordPress – Step by Step Instructions: Log in to WordPress with your Username and Password: This will open the Dashboard – which gives you managerial control: Click on […]

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Writing Plainly

PDF version Hard writing makes easy reading. ~~An old adage. Plain language writing is reader-focused writing. But what makes something plain language? The Center for Plain Language defines “plain” in terms of people’s behaviour. Can the audience for the material quickly and easily: find what they need understand what they find act appropriately on that understanding? (1) In 1998, President Clinton […]

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Crafting Headings and Subheadings

According to the Web Style Content Guide (1), “On the Web, you live or die by your headings… A good one makes it easier for readers to find your article, and much more likely that they will read what you have written. A  bad heading ensures that few, if any, readers will find your text at all, and […]

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Chunking Your Content

Chunking your web content into small paragraphs helps your web visitors scan for the information they’re looking for. Well-written paragraphs on the web: have only 1 main point start with that main point are less than 100 words long Why Small Chunks of Info Suit Web Readers Web visitors don’t really read much of what’s on […]

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The inverted pyramid approach to writing fits the way people read on the web.

Putting Your Essential Message First

Help web visitors get the point of each of your webpages fast: Load the opening paragraph with the essential message of the page. The web is action-packed, and people are in a hurry. Eye-tracking studies have shown that users pay the most attention to the content they see first—which would be our opening paragraphs. Use the inverted pyramid […]

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