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How will your website get found?

You may have a beautiful new website, offering fantastic products and great service – but there are now over one billion websites and- as the average person visits less than 100 different sites in a month – many of them get very few visitors. So how are you going to get your website known about? Here […]

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How to add Variable products to the shop

To add a variable product to a WooCommerce shop: Select Variable product, and then you need to determine the Attributes which will vary: Attributes: Choose your attributes from the drop down list: e.g. Colour; Motif; Size Avoid using Custom Product Attribute – as this will only apply to the current product. If possible, use existing […]

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How to add a simple product to a WooCommerce shop

Instructions for adding products to a WooCommerce shop built using the WordPress Canvas theme. You will need: Product name – see Choosing the best product names. Product description – short version and (optional) long version. Photos – optimised to 570 px square (recommended) and under 100kb (under 50kb would be even better). Add photos to the Media […]

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