Bodhi College

Bodhi College is a new organisation, acting as an umbrella for Buddhist retreats and teaching activities held in different venues, across Europe. Because it is spatially virtual, a website is obviously essential.

The College contacted us during the very early stages of setting up the organisation, with the idea that they just needed ‘a simple website’ that would be easy to manage and update. During the process of working with them to finalise the structure, details and content, it gradually emerged that what they actually needed was far more complex.

Bodhi College offer events all across Europe and needed a rather unusual booking system, which we developed using Event Espresso.

It also became obvious that because the events are being offered in various languages, it was necessary to offer the website information, not only in English – but also in Italian and German. Happily, they had contacts willing to translate and we were able to produce a very successful site which acts as the hub for this growing and thriving endeavour.

Bodhi College aspires to recover core insights of early Buddhist teachings so as to develop fresh ways of understanding the Dharma today.