What is WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular, user-friendly ways of building a website.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) with powerful capabilities.

What does that mean?

A Content Management System is a user-friendly means of managing all of the content you want to include in your website – images,  text, video, links, social media, etc.

All  the pages on a WordPress website are made using simple forms – and with some guidance, it can be easy for you yourself to make changes to your website.

It can be pretty much like using a Word-Processor like Microsoft Word.

What’s so great about WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS – which means it is free to use.

Because access to WordPress is so easy, people from all over the world have contributed to the development of WordPress. WordPress has an enormous following of loyal supporters, and this translates directly into new developments, add-ons, capabilities, and other advances to WordPress all the time. People are also constantly creating new WordPress design-templates, plug-ins, offering free advice and support, and doing whatever they can to make WordPress bigger and better.

This means that there are lots of people out there who know WordPress and are able to help with it. So if you decide to change your Website Support person, you can easily find someone else who knows WordPress to support you.

How much maintenance does your WordPress website need?

Unlike some older websites, a WordPress site is not fixed in stone and difficult to update. As technology evolves, website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster, more visible to search engines and more user friendly. Just as Microsoft Office and your smartphone software need updating, so too does your WordPress website. The benefit of this is that your website is a constantly evolving, organic source of information, that can be indefinitely modified, added to, improved and kept up to date.

The amount of maintenance depends on how complex your website is – many of our smaller websites need very little attention, and some of our more technically minded clients are completely independent, or just ask for some support when they need it.

Why do we like it?

All that community collaboration has made WordPress the simplest content management system out there.

Not only is it straightforward for us to design and develop quality websites using WordPress, customising those websites is also very feasible. More about customisation.

The best part of all this – WordPress’ ease of use makes it simple for you, the website owner, to maintain your website with little to no help from us.

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