How to add text links in WordPress

Step by step instructions for creating hyperlinks:
Quick check-list for adding in-text links in the body of a page (or post) in a WordPress website:

  • High-light the text you want to make into a link:

highlighted word

Tip: Use words which describe the page you’re linking to (e.g. keywords) – NOT generic terms like ‘Click here’. (Which doesn’t tell people – or Google – anything about the next page.)
See: Making your links meaningful

  • Click the ‘Link’ icon in the edit tool bar:

in text links icon

  • Copy and paste the URL (link address) of the page you want to link to into the pop-up box which appears.
    (avoid typing URLs as mistakes are inevitable). Click ‘Apply‘.

How To Make A Link In WordPress

Internal Links:

Tip: to allow pages to load faster:

Internal links only: Don’t use all of the URL (link address) – leave out the website name at the beginning:
.g. Use: /what-are-seo-keywords/  not:

Don’t lose the / (forward slash).
The short version also allows links to continue working when a new website goes live.
This is just for links within your website – other websites need the whole URL.

Wordpress Link OptionsExternal Links:
  • How To Make An External Link In WordPressIf you are linking to a different website: Click the cog icon, which says ‘Link options‘ when you hover over it (instead of ‘Apply’) – Check the ‘Open link in a new tab’ box. (Leave it unchecked if you are linking within your own site.)
Email address links:
  • In the URL box enter: mailto:your@emailaddress (no spaces) This will open in Windows Live, enabling users to write an email instantly.
  • To automatically add a subject/ title to the email:  mailto:your@emailaddress?subject=Whatever title you want.
Optional link titles:
  • Link pop-up box WordPressSome themes offer an option for a link title: Add a title describing where the link will take you. (Appears when a visitor hovers over the link.)


  • Click ‘OK
  • Update the page – and Check that the link works. – A vital step – it’s very easy to assume it’s right when it’s not!

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