Social Media maintenance

Here’s a very quick maintenance checklist for social media essentials:

Weekly: set up your scheduled posts. Allow some room for spontaneity, by not scheduling the maximum number. If you are short of time, post less.

Posts – Make it shareable & add a photo (use Pablo ) + a link if at all possible.

  • Schedule for late pm – but vary it sometimes. (Use Buffer or Hootsuite ).
  • Max 1 or 2 posts a day for Facebook; 5 – 6 for Twitter (not including replies). Minimum: once a week.
  • Short is sweet – for Facebook as well as Twitter. 🙂

Daily (or at least every other day):

Check Facebook for:

  • Comments
  • Posts to page
  • Messages
  • Shares/ comments on shares

Check Twitter for:

  • Mentions
  • Messages
  • Search (your /organisation name)


  • Try to respond to all messages within a day or 2, especially specific questions. Include links to your website where possible.
  • Click ‘Like‘ for all comments on Facebook that don’t require an answer.
  • Spam, trolls & complaints:
    • If asked for a Retweet or share, check any link first.
    • If you get a message that is only a link it may be spam – do not click – check their page & report if necessary. (Reporting helps cut down on more spam – so saves time and hassle in the long run.)
    • Do not reply to difficult questions/ customers when in a hurry – if it really needs a reply, politely say you’ll look into the issue. Skilfully handled complaints can be excellent PR – take time to compose a reply. Consider humour!