How to add slides

Here’s a nice example of a slider:
(Used in Canvas – WordPress Woo Themes.) The slides give an instant feel for the lovely location while allowing room for essential information for newcomers below.

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How to create slides:

  • You will need about 4 or 5 photos that can be cropped to a narrow rectangle.
  • Optimise your photos: Crop to 1,000 x 300px and aim for under about 50kb (max 100kb) file size. How to crop images.
  • Ensure that all the cropped images are exactly the same pixel size (or you may find that they appear to ‘jump’ about and the slider won’t change smoothly.)
  • (Minimum 900px wide – or the image may become distorted.
    The image height can be a bit deeper or more narrow if appropriate – not too tall however – 500px high would completely fill the screen, making it difficult for visitors to find anything else on the page.)
  • Remember to watermark your images if you’re concerned about copyright.
  • More about optimising images for the web.
  • Once you have optimised your photos, go to Slides -> Add New:


  • Enter a title – this won’t be seen – make it descriptive so that you can find it again in the Media library and in the slide library. Add the word ‘slide’ to the title (and the file name) to make it easy to search for.
  • Different pages can have different sliders – so on the RHS tick the slide group that this slide belongs to. (Create a New Slide Group if necessary.)


  • Scroll down to ‘Canvas Custom Settings‘ and Upload the image.
  • Add a link to a related page (optional – but a good idea).


  • Click ‘Publish’ and then add a New Slide for each photo.
  • When you have uploaded all the images, click ‘View Page’ to check that the slides are working.

If the slides are not appearing on the page:

  • For the slides to show up on a page it needs to use the ‘business template’(Not the Default Template.)
  • Go to Edit the page where you want the slider to show up.
  •  Under Page Attributes on the RHS, select  Business under where it says Template:


  • Then scroll down to ‘Canvas Custom Settings’ and select the appropriate Slide Group.
    (If this is left blank, all of the uploaded slides will show.)
  • Remember to click ‘Update’.
  • Click ‘View Page‘ once again to check that the slides are working.


Advanced Slider Settings:

  • If necessary, the slider settings such as speed, can be adjusted under Dashboard -> Canvas -> Slider Settings.
  • Check that the slider is working as you want it to. Happy viewing!


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