Page titles and headings – style guide

Suggested style guide for page titles:

Best practice for WordPress post or page titles or headings – best for Google and easiest to read or scan for people.

For the main title or heading – type into the box at the top of the page, where it says ‘Enter title here‘:

For SEO – to help get found by Google:

  • Use between 40 & 55 characters (including spaces)
  • Put the main keyword(s) at the beginning of the page title (or as near as possible)
  • Describe the page content
  • Include as many appropriate keywords as possible (nouns and adjectives)

For consistency and to follow accepted conventions:

  • Capitalise the first word and proper names (e.g. People’s names and places)
  • Use lower case for all other words
  • No full stop
  • Font size and formatting is set to an automatic default in WordPress.

E.g. Page title: Barn Owl nestboxes for inside buildings


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